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It is known that standard Blu-ray discs come with storage capacities of 25GB for a single-layer disc and 50GB for a dual-layer disc - however, Verbatim's new BD-R XL discs is different... It includes a THIRD storage layer to give it a storage capacity of 100GB! Verbatim's triple layer technology has been certified by the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) and is compatible with BD-XL players and burners. Treated with Hard Coat to prevent scratches and prolong disc life, Verbatim's BD-R XL discs bring a new dimension to the world of Blu-ray storage.

Verbatim Blu-ray Recordable Media - BD-R XL - 4x - 100 GB - 1 Pack Jewel Case

  • Type: BD-R

    Capacity: 100GB

    Maximum Speed Supported : 4X

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