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Create high quality, customized labels for your Double Layer BD-R discs with Verbatim White Thermal Printable BD-R DL discs. These discs have been extensively tested for compatibility with thermal disc printers from the top manufacturers. With a storage capacity of 50GB, these are one-time record discs, ensuring that your video, music or other information will not be erased. All Verbatim BD-R DL media feature HardCoat™ to protect against scratches, fingerprints and dust build-up, reducing playback and recording errors. BD-R DL discs are ideal for recording HDTV programs or backing up your music collection.

Verbatim 6x BD-R DL Dual Layer White Thermal Printable - 25 Discs

    • 50GB storage capacity, 1080p resolution
    • Available in 6X write speed
    • Create custom, high-quality, edge-to-edge labels using your thermal disc printer
    • Tested for compatibility with color and mono-color thermal printers from Prism and Everest.
    • Treated with Hard Coat™ to prevent scratches and prolong disc life
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